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Peoria area to see over $300 million for improvements from ‘Rebuild Illinois’

PEORIA (WEEK) — Central Illinois will see over $300 million come its way to help “Rebuild Illinois.”

The massive infrastructure plan of $45 billion was approved by state lawmakers in June.

Governor JB Pritzker was in Peoria with state Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth and state Sen. Dave Koehler touting where the money will be spent.

“We’re investing heavily in this area. We want to make sure you have those roads and bridges that you deserve,” Pritzker said. “Collectively these projects in Peoria and the surrounding region are really all about revitalizing Illinois and building a promising future for our entire state. “

“People often forget how the roads and bridges got here in the first place but let’s be clear, they got here because in prior years the government fulfilled its responsibilities to the people. Since then and for far too long our state government has ignored those responsibilities letting maintenance fees pile up to the tune of 10s of billions of dollars. In fact, state government infrastructure funding levels got so low that Illinois nearly lost it’s matching federal dollars for infrastructure. I mean that’s an embarrassment.”

The governor said two-thirds of the money will go into a constitutionally mandated lockbox that can only be spent on transportation. Around 17,000 workers are set to pick up hard hats for various project.

Some of the improvements coming to the Peoria area are:


Capital improvements

Pritzker touched on the other capital improvements on Thursday.

“We’re expanding broadband internet to every corner of Illinois. We’re tackling he neglected maintenance at state facilities too. Making sure that we have veterans labs that honor our service members and a modern state crime lab backlog that prevents so many from getting justice,” he explained.

Drew Veskauf

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