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500 women raise money for prostate cancer

Tazewell County (HOI) More than 500 women got together to raise money for prostate cancer Friday at an event called the ‘Female Friday Funday Float’.

They started the fundraiser 6 years ago as a way to have fun on the mackinaw river. Each lady buys a t- shirt and has to raise 50 bucks to participate in the event. The fun starts at the american legion where they get rides to the river and hop on their canoes!  Event organizer Kim Williams is proud of how big the event has grown in just 6 years.

“People they love are fighting it right now so they are here for a whole other reason and this has probably the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life, the best thing you know to help people,” said Event Organizer Kim Williams.

The money goes to prostate cancer center of Chicago. They hope to raise more than 23 thousand dollars to break last year’s total.

Kaitlyn Palakaitis

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