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Generations of history: Pekin Prescription Lab set to close Monday

Generations of history, smiles and kind words coming to a close in Pekin.

This after Pekin Prescription Lab announced it’s last day would be Monday, July 15th.

“It’s been a huge part of my life,” said Sammi Probasco, daughter of owner Mark Probasco. “I honestly expected to be working here forever. I never expected to be going somewhere else.”

“But, decisions had to be made to benefit everybody. So it is what it is.”

The Probasco family says they partly blame the budget crisis out of Springfield from 2015.

A statement from Pekin Senator Dave Koehler (D-46th) says in part: “We have passed legislation this year to give support to local independent pharmacies in downstate Illinois. I’m disappointed we couldn’t get that done sooner.”

The Probascos also say changes to insurance payments due to the Affordable Care Act put too much burden on their pharmacy:

“They (insurance companies) say they’re going to pay me twenty dollars. Then, they pay me ten, and take back five. And obviously five dollars out of twenty isn’t enough to live on for anybody,” quipped Sammi Probasco, speaking for the pharmacy.

Finances aside, the owners, their customers and Pekin as a whole are more sad to see the history and sense of family go.

“It’s very upsetting to me,” said 13-year customer Matt Yancick of Pekin. “Unlike other pharmacies, you’re treated as a human being. It’s a family to me, not just a prescription lab, not just a pharmacy.”

Pekin’s Mayor Mark Luft chimed in as well: “It’s a very tight-knit family. My dad’s wife worked there at one time, so I’m very aware of how close they are there.”

“There are customers we have,” recalled Probasco, “that I’ve grown up with calling Aunt and Uncle because they’ve been around so much. They mean a lot to us, and I think we mean a lot to them.”

“So it’s going to be really heartbreaking watching people leave for the last time knowing they’re not going to walk through those doors again.”

All customer information and prescriptions will be moved down the street to the CVS.

The family urges anyone who needs medication or medical equipment to come by before 7:00pm Monday evening to say goodbye.

The family released a brief statement below:

“Unfortunately, Pekin Prescription Lab is closing its doors at 7:00pm on Monday, July 15th 2019 after 70 years serving the Pekin community. We appreciate the loyalty and support of our patients and will miss them more than words can express. To us, every patient is a member of our family and we are distraught beyond measure that we are losing such a big part of our lives. We would like everyone to know that all of our prescription files will be transferred to the CVS that is directly next door to us as of the close of business Monday.

It has been a pleasure to serve you all.”

Mason Dowling

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