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Local fighter going to IFMA Muay Thai World Championship

Competitive fighting is in Nathan Gastson’s blood.

The son of a former MMA fighter and professional boxer is making a name for himself.

The Richwoods graduate leaves Sunday morning for Thailand to compete in the IFMA Muay Thai World Championship.

The amateur fighter is currently undefeated in his 14 fights; after already claiming three gold medals in the Pan Am International, he hopes to come back to the 309 in a few weeks with some shiny new hardware, but he says it’s not all about the gold.

“It’s a great feeling, I don’t hang too much on the records I’m more about the experience since this will be my career I want the really tough hard fights that’s going to better me as a fighter when I do turn professional,” says Nate Gaston.

Trisha Christakes

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