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FOUR POINTS: Taking a look at what their current status is

We are told progress is being made on the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in Downtown Peoria as crews are working seven days a week to get the hotel that was slated to open in 2017 up and running.

“We’ve had multiple delays for different reasons based on trying to do the hotel right, making it sure it’s done well so we can keep it and maintain it up to its current level of safety and for guest satisfaction,” Four Points Peoria General Manager John Brinkman said.

Brinkman took Heart of Illinois ABC reporter Stephanie Rodriguez into the 322-room facility to get a firsthand look at what their status is currently.

Delays like a 2017 pipe burst that damaged at least 65 rooms according to Brinkman and making sure the 20th-century building is equipped with Wi-Fi and smart TVs have contributed to the opening date being pushed back.

“Bringing those up to current code and standards has been somewhat a challenge. We feel we’ve got that but from fire, light safety and all of today’s modern technology, it’s important we get that right,” he said.

The hotel’s original pool was replaced and a new splash pad was added, another extensive project for Hawkeye Hotels the company that purchased the building in 2016. They have added a laundry room to the building and are still working on an over 12,000 square foot ballroom their expected 120 full and part-time employees will serve guests in.

Brinkman said most of their 322 rooms are finished and those that are not are just waiting on finishing touches like linens. Reservations on their website can be booked starting Oct. 1 but if there have been around 60 reservations canceled because of the opening date pushbacks since 2017.

“We have had some reservations that we’ve had to cancel. None of those were advanced deposits or cash into the hotel here. We’ve notified those people upwards of two and sometimes three months in advance that unfortunately, we weren’t going to make the opening,” Brinkman said.

So when do they plan on opening?

“We’re not going to give a specific opening date at this time because it’s one of those items that’s been a sore subject with us and the ownership group. We don’t want to promise anything and then not produce,” Brinkman said.

Though they are expecting to have some energetic basketball players on their splash pad soon.

.”We are looking forward to March Madness coming up this year to promote this particular downtown market centre. We are close to the Civic Center it’d be a great facility with our pool for those teams,” Brinkman explained.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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