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After about 80 cats rescued from Monmouth house, some are already having kittens

MONMOUTH (HOI) – Monmouth Police upgraded the number of cats they rescued from a house on 3rd Ave. July 16th. At the time, they said there were about 75 cats; now that number is up to approximately 80 cats, plus one dog.

Police also said at least a few of those cats are already having kittens.

Photo provided by Monmouth Police. These are a few of the cats rescued July 16th pictured in a local shelter.

The situation all began Tuesday, when some concerned residents called about the house at 318 W. 3rd Ave., calling the living conditions into question. That’s when police came in with Western Illinois Animal Rescue and other agencies to take the animals away. Now they’re spread out among several area shelters.

On Friday, police also said there were four people living in the house; three of them were there at the time police showed up. Those three people were taken to the hospital at the time, their current condition is unknown. Police said all the people living inside are adults.

Photo provided by Monmouth Police. Women help sort through the approximately 80 cats rescued from a Monmouth home on July 16th.

Molly Jirasek

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