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Heavenly Farm Report: 4-H fair season shows the value of hard work

COLFAX (HOI) — Kids these days are used to occupying themselves with phones, tablets and video games.

However, some are revisiting their roots with the help of 4-H. Meteorologist Heaven Richey was invited to the Rinkenberger farm to see how they prepare for fair season.

Reid and Lindsey Rinkenberger live in Colfax with their two daughters Peyton and Kamryn. The daughters are involved in multiple sports but they also have a hidden passion — raising 4-H pigs.

“Reid and I both grew up with farm backgrounds and were also involved in 4-H and FFA. We learned a great deal, not only responsibility but work ethic and organizational skills,” Lindsey said.

4-H is a network of youth organizations with a mission of, “engaging youth to reach their fullest potential.” The preparation for the fairs start in March and continues through August.

The two girls have a strict routine they follow each day.

“We wake up and we eat breakfast and then Peyton usually goes out and walks hers and I come out a little bit after her and start walking ours,” said Kamryn.

“A couple times a week we will wash them. We will go through their pens and sift the pens to get all the nasty stuff out. We will fully clean them out every two weeks to a week and a half,” added Peyton.

Both girls have been showing pigs since they were young and are beginning to understand their parent’s reasoning behind it.

“It teaches you responsibility and how to work hard. Things aren’t just given to you. If you want to win, you have to work hard for it,” said Peyton.

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