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Tailgate N’ Tallboys ready for heat wave

Lots of music fans are braving the high temperatures while out at the Riverfront for the Tailgate N’ Tallboys festival.

Advanced Medical Transport and the event coordinators have been taking extra precautions to make sure everyone stays safe.

AMT Community Resource Manager Josh Bradshaw said last year they treated over 120 people during the festival all for heat related ailments.

With the heat indices expected in the triple digits on Friday and Saturday Tailgate N’ Tallboys is allowing everyone to bring an un-opened water bottle or a refillable one that is empty.

American Illinois Water provided fill stations along with a water mister to give concert goers a refreshing break.

If you plan to come to the festival on Saturday AMT suggests staying in the shade as much as possible, avoiding long exposure to the sun. They also say if you are consuming alcohol to stay extra hydrated with water.

But the most important thing they want people to know is listen to your body.

“It is something that we take very seriously the symptoms of heat exhaustion, which leads to heat stroke, that can be a very serious medical condition.” said Bradshaw

“You can come and go from the festival and so if you do get hot, want to go sit in the air condition in your car or come get under the gateway building for some shade there is a mister set up where you can come run through the sprinklers I guess.” said Leon Edwards with Tailgate N’ Tallboys

If you do start to feel dizzy, faint, nauseous, or clammy stop by the medical tent to the left of the main stage and they will check you out, cool you down, and make sure you are able to enjoy all the music.

AMT also wants people to remember sunscreen to protect from sunburn which can contribute to those heat related illnesses.

For more information about the festival including parking, check out their website here.

Kaitlin Pearson

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