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Hockey community honors Ric and Joe Olson

A little over a month ago the Peoria and Bloomington-Normal hockey community mourned the loss of Ric and Joe Olson.

Both brothers died of heart attacks less than 24 hours apart; and on Saturday they had a memorial skate in the brothers honor.

It was held at the Owens Center, put on by Mike Olson, Ric and Joe’s brother.

Hockey was in the families blood, when they came to the Peoria and Bloomington area from Michigan in the 60’s they started the program from the ground up.

Dozens of people showed up today to pay tribute to all that the brothers have done for them.

“It’s pretty emotional, it really is. I guess the big thing is I knew it would be. They both taught youth hockey here for many years, both played hockey in Peoria and helped build the sport to where it is today..and it’s just a celebration of their lives,” says Mike Olson, Ric and Joe’s brother.

They raised nearly $10,000 at the memorial skate. All the proceeds will go to Peoria and Bloomington youth hockey programs.


Trisha Christakes

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