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Players surprise coach with plane ticket to All State All America Cup

Wednesday morning is the day that both Myles Sophanavong and Noah Madrigal  have been waiting for.

The All State All America Cup. The two Peoria Notre Dame stars landed in Orlando Monday preparing for the game come 11am Wednesday morning.

An incredible honor and recruiting opportunity for the players as they are two of 40 players from across the country to play. Not only that but they are two of three players from the entire state of Illinois.

Head Coach, Mike Bare, wasn’t planning on making the the trip down there, he says he wanted the week to be all about the boys.

But, both Myles and Noah had a different plan in mind.

“they actually surprised me at my house and came over and gave me a plane ticket. They set me up with a place to stay they booked it all up. They talked with my wife yesterday, I got home last night after a dinner with the family and they were there at my house with an envelope that has an itinerary with the trip,” says Mike Bare.

The team is having a watch party Wednesday morning at Donnelly’s Irish Pub in Peoria. Coach Bare is asking all the community to come out and support both Noah and Myles as the game will be aired on every TV at the restaurant.

Trisha Christakes

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