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Scott’s Law penalties increased, jail time added

In light of the recent deaths of three Illinois State Troopers, Govoner J.B. Pritzker increased the penalties for drivers who break Scott’s Law.

In Rockford, the governor signed the Scott’s Law Package which will raise the first offense fine to $500 and the second to $1000. Of every fine given $250 will go toward creating driver educational materials.

Pritzker named the fallen troopers by name: Brooke Jones-Story, Christopher Lambert and Gerald Ellis.

“The people of Illinois get to live their lives because law enforcement officials go to to work each day risking theirs. This is how we keep our heroes and our first responders, our workers as safe as possible in their line of work,” Pritzker said.

The law has also been extended to cover IDOT workers, first responders and anyone else working on the highway. A “Move Over Task Force” will also be made.

“[The task force] will study Scott’s Law violations to determine how to continually improve our protection of law enforcement, emergency responders, and civilians,” explained the governor.

Failing to slow down and move over, which the law requires if possible, could even send drivers to jail for up to one year.

“It’s not that we want to write these tickets, we would love to write zero tickets but at the same time, we want to go home to our friends and families every single night. So if it takes us to write citations to get people to obey the law, then we’ll do that,” Illinois State Police Trooper Tony Halsey said.

“Unfortunately, it’s sad that we have to go this way but people still aren’t getting what the rule is and the significance of that and how important it is so, therefore, the penalties continue to increase.”

A question regarding Scott’s Law will also be added to the written portion of the Illinois Driver’s License test.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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