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ALL STATE ALL AMERICA CUP: Two PND players competed in national soccer event

It was a packed front house at Donnelly’s Irish Pub Wednesday morning!

Dozens of community members, athletes, friends and family gathered around for the official watch party for the All State All America Cup.

Across the entire United States, both Myles Sophanavong and Noah Madrigal were selected out of the three players chosen from Illinois to play in the All State All America Cup.

Back in June it wasn’t certain if the Noah and Myles would be able to play due to an IHSA by-law that states players cannot participate in all-star events until after they finish their IHSA eligibility. After much determination and presenting an appeal to the IHSA board, the board of directors ruled in favor of the athletes and allowed them to play.

So, this game has a lot of heart and passion behind in, just walking onto the field.

Majority of their teammates were out in Peoria to support while anxiously waiting for them to take the field. The players say it was cool to see their own teammates on ESPNU and their practice before Myles Sophanavong told his teammates he would do a funny dance move after scoring on TV for them.

“He told the team, this is kinda funny, he told the team that when he scores, when he scores, he’s going to hit the gangnam style! So we were all super excited to see him do a nice little celebration after. But, it’s really weird because we’re practicing with them everyday, so, to see them up there it’s like, some would say, you know the McDonald’s All American game for basketball? This is like the same thing but for soccer,” says varsity teammates Finn Donnelly.

Trisha Christakes

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