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New owner looking to move J.K. Williams to Warehouse District

EAST PEORIA (WEEK) — J.K. Williams is heading for a comeback, but with a new owner.

Andy Faris purchased the business in April 2019, including the naming rights, distilling equipment, and an existing inventory of spirits.

The local, craft whiskey business opened its doors in 2013 at its East Peoria location, but Faris is looking to move it to the Warehouse District in Peoria once a suitable space is found.

Faris, a Minnesota native, said within two years, J.K. Williams looks to employ 15-20 people, which includes the number of construction jobs that will be required to build at the new location.

“My vision is to create an upscale yet approachable experience that feels like it’s been here forever. Our distillery will ultimately add to the already energetic and cool vibe happening in the Warehouse District,” Faris said in a release Tuesday, Aug. 13.

Faris said bourbon, rye and single malt whiskey will be a core focus of the business, however the once-made fruit-flavored corn whiskeys will be replaced with gin and vodka.

“Since J.K. Williams Distilling will only be serving what it produces, the addition of gin and vodka will allow for a more diverse experience in the tasting room and unique and delicious hand-crafted cocktails,” said Faris.

Even though a new location has not be released yet, Faris said if current negotiations go as planned, the new location will be open by mid 2020.

Drew Veskauf

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