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Three arrested after allegedly passing fake $100 bill

GERMANTOWN HILLS (HOI) – Three people were arrested after allegedly attempting to pass off a fake $100 bill at the Nena’s Ace Hardware in Germantown Hills Tuesday.

Javonte N. Roberson, 33, of Chicago, and Destiny Rodriguez, 22, address unknown, were arrested on charges of forgery, a class 4 felony. Dontel T. Roberson, 25, of Chicago, was arrested on a charge of obstruction and an attempt to destroy evidence.

The three were arrested during a traffic stop after the elder Roberson allegedly attempted to pass off a fake $100 to the cashier and store manager at the hardware store, according to Dennis Tipsword, chief deputy of the Woodford County Sheriff’s Office.

Employees at Nena’s Ace Hardware in Germantown Hills were going about business as usual yesterday when a man pulled a $100 bill from his pocket and they could tell something was off.

Store manager Alonso Rodriguez said he trains his cashiers to mark and check every $100 bill by using light to check for serial numbers and other distinguishing factors.

“There was no water mark on the bill or the thread and so she hands it to me and i’m already standing there and I tell the gentlemen, I’ll be right back I’m going to grab your change.” said Alonso Rodriguez

Having seen fake bills before, one defining mistake struck him and he knew authorities were necessary.

“There was a line through the center that looked like a fold mark, but when you touched it, it didn’t feel like anything. At that point I walk upstairs call the police and he was here maybe two minutes and he started walking out the door.” said Rodriguez

He said he then chased the man out to the parking lot who began to run away from him and sped away in a car.

“They did a loop because they couldn’t get out that way and that gave me a chance to get their license plate number and from there I was on the phone with the police the whole time.” said the manager

That is when Rodriguez said they looped back again to pick up a female who he saw wandering around the parking lot.

With that information police pulled the car over in a traffic stop. Evidence collected during their initial search lead to the arrest of three individuals.

“We do have evidence that leads us to believe that they’ve potentially passed some counterfeit bills outside of our state even.” said Chief Deputy Dennis Tipsword of the Woodford County Sheriffs Office

The case will be passed on to the Secret Service, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jason Howell

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