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Construction projects taking hold in downtown Peoria

PEORIA (HOI) – Two years after the Caterpillar’s surprise announcement on moving their headquarters to Deerfield from Peoria, the city shows signs of moving onward and forward with construction projects.

One of the biggest is OSF’s renovation of the former Chase building at 124 SW. Adams St.

It will serve as their headquarters, housing nearly 800 people.

The Peoria City Council may have been ignoring a growing medical industry, said one city leader.

The result now, is greater demand.

“There’s a lot of people expressing a lot of interest in the warehouse district,” said Councilwoman Denise Moore. “We have a backlog of individuals looking for residences in the warehouse district.”

“That is how exciting it is down there.”

Councilwoman Moore says she’s found – in her six years on the council – that one of the keys to changing the face of downtown is convincing other city and business leaders to step outside what’s always been “comfortable.”

Jason Howell

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