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Washington grandfather, grandson build their own Field of Dreams

Taking a line from the cult classic Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come.

What started as a Washington man sharing his love of baseball with his grandson with a hand-built scoreboard is now Kamienski Field.

“I’m a big baseball player, so I just asked for something related to baseball, and…came up with a wiffle ball field,” said 11-year-old Luke Kamienski. “It’s just amazing.”

This all started because Luke’s grandpa, Doug Benson, wanted a way to make sure his grandson and friends could have the same memories growing up he did.

“When I grew up, we played a lot of wiffle ball. You don’t see it as much anymore,” explained Benson.

“And I said, I want him to hold his senior graduation party here, and play wiffle ball here.”

Luke’s mom, at first, wasn’t thrilled about her yard being taken over for the 93-foot-deep field.

But seeing the finished product, she couldn’t be happier with how it brings her dad and son together.

“I mean, I think every grandpa and grandson has a really special relationship. I’m just really excited that theirs is kind of…shown in such a big way,” she said with a laugh.

As for grandpa: the gift may be for Luke, but he’s going to make sure they both get to enjoy it as much as they can.

“It really is a field of dreams,” he quipped. “It’s that connection between families and sports you love.”

The family hopes Kamienski Field will eventually play host to charity wiffle ball games, helping to give back to the city that’s given them so much.

Washington has its own Field of Dreams! Mason Dowling Heart of Illinois ABC gives us an inside look – this place is too cool!

Posted by Heart of Illinois ABC on Friday, August 16, 2019

Mason Dowling

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