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Celebrating India at the Peoria Riverfront

Peoria (HOI) – Today the Peoria Riverfront was transformed into little India for a festival full of culture. and color.

The Peoria park district and the Indo-American society started the party at four this afternoon. Offering anyone interested a chance to taste traditional Indian cuisine, learn dance moves or enjoy live music.

This is the 20th annual Indian festival in Peoria and is usually celebrated around the Independence day of India.
The Indian community continues to grow in the Peoria area. The main part of this event is experiencing everything India has to offer.

“I think its about experiencing India in a number of ways great food lots of variety in the four stalls that we have, we have a lot of different variety of food from north India, south, east and west certainly you can enjoy the music and the dancers,” said Board Member of Indo-American society of Peoria Prabhat Mittal.

All the proceeds from the festival are going to the central Illinois center for the blind and visually impaired. The event ends at nine tonight so make your way down the riverfront and enjoy some Indian Cuisine.

Kaitlyn Palakaitis

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