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Revitalizating MacArthur Highway on Peoria’s Southside

Peoria (HOI) – A makeover for MacArthur that topic was enough to fill a room of nearly 40 people today all with input on ways to revitalize Peoria’s south side.

It’s a plan that’s been six years in the making and a public meeting hosted by south side community united for change sought to speed that process along by hearing pitches from young architects.

Their ideas outlined plans to restore MacArthur highway corridor and the south village neighborhood by preserving affordable housing and highlighting nearby community resources.

“We want the community to have buy in on what were doing with the south side we don’t want to just do things for the people of the south side we want them to be included in the process,” president of south side community united for change Martha Ross

If you would like to join SCUC to help be apart of this change. Their meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at the Peoria Public Library’s Lincoln branch.

Kaitlyn Palakaitis

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