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Severe Storms Bring High Winds and Heavy Rain

Most of us were probably awake when storms moved through the area this morning, but for any late-risers Mother Nature provided quite the wake-up call. Severe storms moved through during the mid-to-late-morning hours today bringing high winds, heavy rain, and frequent and vivid lightning.

Here’s what radar looked like this morning.

Storms began to move into the area just before 9:00. You can see the severe storms approaching the Galesburg area.

By 9:30, storms were approaching the Illinois River. This included moving through Peoria.

Storms reached the I-55 corridor between 10:00 and 10:30.

Thunderstorms were weakening as they exited the area, and by lunchtime, only some light to moderate rain remained east of the Illinois River.

We saw a few wind damage reports from these storms, especially along the I-74 corridor.

Wind damage was reported in Peoria and Deer Creek, among other places. Thunderstorm winds knocked over trees in these two locations.

We also saw many shelf cloud photos as this line of storms moved through. A shelf clouds forms when cold air rushes out and ahead of a line of storms. This cold air can act as a mini-cold front, which lifts warm and moist air ahead of the storm. As this air rises, it cools and condenses. This forms the shelf cloud.

Shelf clouds look ominous, but by themselves they are harmless. These fall into the category of what I like to call “SLCs” (scary-looking clouds).

Thanks to Jennifer Murrah and Ryant Lambie for sending us these photos.

(Photo: Jennifer Murrah, taken between Gridley and Flanagan)

(Photo: Ryant Lambie, taken near Peoria)

Brian Walder

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