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Don’t let germs follow your kids in school

Now that school is back in session, many parents will pull out all the stops to keep their kids from getting sick.

As kids file into their classrooms, germs are following close behind.

In the classroom, not only are kids in close quarters but there’s lots to touch.

That includes pencils, IPads, books, and more.

The Tazewell County Health Department said the strongest defense you have as a parent is teaching your kids to wash their hands properly.

“Fingers, finger nails, wash for 20 seconds. That’s the amount of time it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice or the “ABC” song twice,” said Sarah Fenton, who is a public health nurse for the county.

If students are sharing supplies or hanging out at the playground and have to wait to wash, remind them to avoid touching their face.

“Don’t touch the T-Zone which is your eyes, nose, and your mouth. Most respiratory or gastrointestinal germs enter through the eyes, nose, and mouth. So, if you don’t touch those areas with your hand you’re less likely to catch illnesses,” added Fenton.

If your little one isn’t feeling top notch make sure to keep them home.

The health department is encouraging parents to keep up with vaccines, including the flu shot.




Alex Menke

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