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Four coal-fired power plants to close in Illinois

(HOI) — Vistra Energy announced Wednesday it is closing four coal-fired power plants in Illinois.

The four include the Duck Creek Power Plant in Canton, Havana Power Plant, Hennepin Power Plant and the Coffeen Power Plant.

The company cites the need to meet requirements of the Multi-Pollutant Standard rule imposed by the Illinois Pollution Control Board.

About 300 jobs are expected to be eliminated in the closures.

Earlier in August, Vistra Energy said they were analyzing which plants to close.

“Even though today’s retirement announcements were inevitable due to the changing regulatory environment and unfavorable economic conditions in the MISO market, they are nonetheless difficult to make,” said Curt Morgan, Vistra’s president and CEO in a prepared statement Wednesday.

State Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria), who represents Canton, said in a statement, “I am incredibly saddened by the announcement that Duck Creek will close. The hardships that the workers at this plant will endure cannot be understated. They are not statistics or lines on a balance sheet. They are human beings, and I stand committed to working with the governor’s administration in Springfield to bring much needed economic support to both their families and the rest of the Fulton County community … The fact is the current business market for coal-based energy is simply no longer sustainable. As we transition to an energy economy that focuses on limiting emissions, we must be proactive in helping those communities that this will adversely effect.”

The Canton plant currently has approximately 60 employees; the Havana has approximately 75; the Hennepin plant has about 60; and the Coffeen plant has the most at about 95 employees.

Local politicians react:

Drew Veskauf

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