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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Lawn fine justified for homeowner?

Todd Ridge believes he has a serious beef with the City of Peoria.

He received a complaint from the city for letting the grass on this East Bluff home grow too long.

“It’s been a while, I drive by every once in a while, honestly I didn’t think about it for a while.”

A fine would accompany that complaint along with a request to appear in court.

“The ticket should not have been issued, I should have been made aware of it so I could come out here and fix it myself, so you feel like they missed a step with you, they completely missed a step.” says owner Todd Ridge.

The city of Peoria’s code enforcement requirements states grass and weeds cannot exceed ten inches in length.

A judge would ultimately waive the fine in court, but Ridge would still have to pay a cleanup fee.

Todd feels like he shouldn’t be on the hook for any of the fines on the lawn considering he doesn’t own the house anymore.

“I lost the place to taxes, but there was a period of time where I could redeem my taxes which I’m not going to do. So according to the legal department in the City of Peoria, by October this house will no longer will be my property.”

Ridge owned the place for around nine years, inheriting the property from his mother when she passed away.

He says all he’s asking is for homeowners or vacant property owners to get a proper heads up before being hit with code violations.

Donnie Tillman

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