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DCFS works on improvements for child’s safety

(HOI) — The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services held a hearing today to discuss the how they plan to improve.

During the 2018 fiscal year there were nearly 100 deaths connected to DCFS.

They worked with Governor Pritzker to hire more than 300 people across the state of Illinois.

Those people would investigate and operate the DCFS hotline.

There are concerns that with more people working for DCFS, that they will attempt to help more people than they can, and risk being in the same spot they are now.

Officials say it is already difficult to handle the amount of children with the small staff they have.

Representative Sara Feigenholtz asked “Are you going to be limiting the number of days in that hospital? even though the Department of Children and Family Services has a limited, if any residential beds to step them down in.”

Representative Feigenholtz says these are important gaps to close.

Proposals were signed into law last month to aid DCFS.

Giovanni Lebron

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