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Family, East Bluff community mourn Eddie Wren

Peoria, Ill. (HOI) – Dozens of people came together in Peoria’s East Bluff Friday night to mourn the loss of Eddie Wren, the 42-year-old shot and killed Thursday night.

Balloons were released into the sky at the scene of the shooting at the intersection of Nebraska and Wisconsin.

While Wren’s family said they were grateful for the community’s support, they question why city leaders aren’t showing up to these all to familiar vigils. Meanwhile, Wren’s mother says he never held grudges against anyone and always had an infectious smile. She says he was always looking out for those around him.

“He fussed at his nephews about doing right in school and now nobody gonna lead them now,” said Maggie Sharp. “Nobody lead these boys. Eddie did that.”

Wren’s mother hopes the shooting suspect comes forward soon. She also says the city should put police on every corner and get guns off the streets.

“The gun that took my baby’s life probably wasn’t even that boy’s gun. Probably a gun someone went in there and bought it and lied and said oh my gun got stolen. No such thing, no such thing,” said Sharp.

Wren’s Aunt Alma says he focused most of his time on taking care of his daughter who will soon graduate high school without her father. Alma says the shooter couldn’t have known her nephew.

“If he’d known him, he wouldn’t have done this,” said Alma Billups. “Someone came here and did this to him. The person that did this should have stood there and caught the bullet. They would have stood there and caught the bullet.”

Wren’s death was Peoria’s 19th homicide this year.

Mike Miletich

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