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Emerging artists meet at Peoria mural park

Peoria, Ill. (HOI) – The Emerging Artists of Peoria held their monthly meeting in the Warehouse District Wednesday night to discuss a mural display people may see as they walk down Adams street.

The unique murals are on the side of the C.T. Gabbert Building. Chuck Gabbert showed the local artists how they can get their work in his “art park.”

Gabbert says he loves to see creative art displayed on his wall.

“Sometimes I put stuff that I think I don’t know if it’s that great, but I put it up because it’s different. And then you get a lot of people that like it,” said Gabbert. “And then other people don’t like it and they stop and look at it and it maybe makes them think.”

The Big Picture Peoria Art Festival will be held at the mural park on October 12.

Mike Miletich

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