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Snowy Halloween still filled with plenty of treats

Despite the record breaking weather, nothing was going to stop the kids of Central Illinois from getting their candy. While served a trick this year from mother nature, people trekked through the snow or found indoor activities to have a fun holiday.

“When I saw it was really heavy and we were going to get a few inches it was quite a shock, I don’t recall ever having a Halloween where it was snow like this, I remember rain, and sleet, but not snow.” said one Peoria Heights resident braving the cold with her son.

Families put on their snow boots and made the annual rounds for sweets, but with a few extra layers.

“We have several layers on, they have some sweatpants and then their coveralls and then a sweatshirt underneath so I think they’re staying pretty warm.” said one family with two young boys

Others, a bit afraid of the winter like temperatures found other local Tick or Treat spots, like Northwoods Mall.

“Typically we go door to door but it’s just too cold tonight so we decided to find some place indoors.” said one mom with a young child.

Some parents at Hy-Vee’s event commented that being indoors allows families to have fun but without some of the worry.

“It’s a lot safer, the kids are by my side and if they run off I don’t have to worry about them going into the street, plus there’s just so much going on in Peoria right now.” said one mom of three.

“It’s been really fun to still celebrate Halloween with the snow, kids got to play in it earlier, it just makes really good memories.” said another mom who enjoyed festivities at Peoria City Hall

With bags full of goodies, everyone agrees this will be a Halloween hard to forget.



Kaitlin Pearson

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