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Staying Safe on Snowy and Slick Roads

With all that snow Thursday morning came rough road conditions. Illinois State Policy say they assisted about 50 drivers on roads in Central Illinois. So what’s the best way to avoid an accident in these kinds of conditions? Industry experts says it’s all about patience.

“Just take your time and go slow, don’t try to rush, don’t drive fast, give yourself plenty of braking time,” said

Steve Burton of Burton Towing and Recovery. Burton’s been towing for the last 8 years and says there always an increase in calls when snow first hits the ground.

“Oh yeah today there’s been a large uptick on calls, just because of the weather.,..probably doubled in volume this morning,” he added.

Sometimes it’s not driver error that could land you in a ditch. Brett Beachler with Beachler’s Auto Shop says drivers should make sure their tires are not worn.

“Tires are your main contact between the car and the road, tread depth is the biggest offense you can have to handle and track through the snow,” said Beachler.

Andy Weber

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