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Video appears to show fight that led to Peoria County Board Member Windish’s arrest

PEORIA (HOI) – Peoria County Board Member Matthew Windish was arrested Tuesday for misdemeanor battery, and newly obtained cell phone video appears to show the fight that led to it.

An employee of a county store says Windish frequently parks his trailer on their property without paying for it, and this week they blocked it in with a private vehicle to force him to answer for it.

The witness tells us Windish tried to use his truck to tow the car out of the way, but employees of the business asked him to stop until the store owner got to the scene. The video appears to show Windish trying to hook the car with his chain while an employee stands on the chain, trying to stop him.

As the disagreement intensifies, Windish appears to tackle the employee with the chain up around his neck. A voice off camera says to Windish, “I’m going to bust you with this wrench!” Windish and the employee then continue to wrestle until the camera is put on the ground as other people try to break up the fight.

Windish did not return a request for comment Thursday, but on Wednesday said he did not plan to resign from the county board. He is free on bond.

A police report for this incident is not yet available.

Bobby Oler @bobbyoler

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