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Normal Police Officer arrested for allegedly stealing $12K during a 911 call

NORMAL, IL (WHOI) – Officer Brian Williams, an 18-year-veteran of the Normal Police department was arrested Friday for stealing money from a victim of a drug overdose.

Williams was one of the responding officers Wednesday, November 25th. He was tasked with checking the well-being of the person who’d potentially overdosed.

The victim did pass away, but a relative called Normal PD later to report $12,000 missing from a specific location inside the home after officers left.

Normal Police turned the case over to Illinois State Police to remove any conflicts of interest during a formal investigation.

Shortly after, that relative says she received anonymous calls to “quit speaking with the police in order to have the money returned.”

In fact, while she was with ISP, that relative received another call from an unidentified number, asking if she wanted the money back; to which she suggested they meet at a gas station in Pontiac for the exchange.

Illinois State Police followed and recorded the woman during the entire event.

Officers said they noticed an individual driving around the gas station, parking, entering and exiting his vehicle in a suspicious manner.

He eventually parked near a phone booth, got out of his car and placed a bag inside. Soon after, the relative got a call that the suspect left the money and was watching.

Normal Police say the bag contained the missing twelve grand and they approached the suspect who identified himself as a Normal Police Officer.

Williams was arrested and charged with official misconduct/theft and possession of stolen property.

His bond was set at $30,000, but a judge released Williams on personal recognizance.




Kyle Beachy

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