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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Charged for 2 phones instead of 1

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Fred Schindler said his wife Debbie wasn't eligible to get one under her name, so AT&T workers started the process under his.

"Then they determined they could get it under her name if we paid off the remaining months. It was just a few months left of her contract...then it got all confused because they thought we bought 2 phones," said Schindler.

The couples bill was around $270 a month for 2 cell phones and a landline before the upgrade.

"Then we got that $776 bill and I thought we can't afford to keep paying this enormous bill."

Debbie's phone went from $103.15 to $303.88, but Fred told Jessica Cook the installment plan they agreed to was $30 a month.

Fred's cost went from $88.58 to $145.89.

The second bill showed a past due payment of about $250, which Fred said he didn't know why that showed up since they have auto pay.

After 32 years with the company the couple chose to cancel their service, but auto pay still took out the $776.

Another bill came, dated April 5 - May 4 for $340.

It showed the couple being charged a different price for each cell phone.

Fred Schindler added, "So that was $1,016 in May and I'm thinking well that's probably going to pay off our account and we got everything closed out."

The couple got another bill which stated they owed $840 for Debbie's phone, $700 for Fred's.

"$1,569 saying we owed for 2 phones so I called and talked to a James and he said 'Well we don't owe anything.'"

Another statement was sent to the couple.

Fred called AT&T again and was sent to the fraud department, only to be told to go to the Peoria store where they bought the phone.

The company started an investigation.

"They did determine that we only bought 1 phone."

In August Fred was told they owed $820 and that the previous $776 went to the landline.

Past statements show the landline cost was $39.02.

"So there's no way we have a $776 landline account, so then they told me they couldn't get that money back and I said well transfer it o the sale account to clear this out and they said no, they couldn't do that."

The case was suppose to be closed August 28th.

Fred called 2 days later to be told he still owed more than $800.

He wrote a letter detailing everything that had happened.

"The hell I've been through to try and get this straightened out."

September 23rd the Schindler's got another letter stating the money was still due.

"They never once told me that there was a cancellation fee or anything. Everything was saying that the money went to the landline and nothing about you broke the contract, nothing like that."

Fred told Jessica Cook since she reached out to AT&T he got a call from the company stating his balance is now $0.

An AT&T spokesperson said Schindler doesn't owe anything and is getting a $50 courtesy credit.

Jessica Cook

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