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One Class at a Time: Thomas-Metcalf Primary School

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Most teachers like to inspire a love of learning in their classroom. This is especially true for elementary school teachers where the education truly begins. That's where this week's one class at a time grant winner comes in.

Meet Kimberly Carthans. She's a fifth grade teacher at Thomas Metcalf Primary School in Normal. She believes building meaningful relationships with her students leads to success in the classroom.

"So, that relationship i believe hits to the core of building their passion for learning" Carthan said.

She builds up her students through her special class house program she does. All based off the house system in harry potter! It teaches the students how to work together despite their differences. Her students really seem to enjoy it, especially one of her students. Chamae Silvey.

"So, we have a really great teacher. She teaches us how to be respectful, and accept other peoples opinions." Silvey said.

She learned this concept from an education conference she attended a few years ago And it's a big hit with her students. They look forward to coming to class each day.

Carthans plans to use this one thousand dollar gran to continue to enhance the class house project in her classroom.

Joe Puma

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