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ISP clarifies FOID rules regarding legal marijuana use

(HOI) -- With marijuana legalization just one day away, the Illinois State Police is clarifying the rules when it comes to Firearm's Owner's Identification Card.

According to a Facebook post by the ISP, "The Illinois State Police will not revoke Firearm’s Owner’s Identification Cards based solely on a person’s legal use of adult use cannabis. Pursuant to both State and Federal law, a person who is addicted to or a habitual user of narcotics is not permitted to possess or use firearms."

A FOID card will be revoked by the ISP, "where it is demonstrated that an individual is addicted to or is a habitual user of cannabis."

It will also be revoked for those who violate certain provisions of the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, according to the ISP.

"The use of cannabis is still considered to be illegal by the Federal government and the purchase of a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer is governed by Federal law," according to the post.

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