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A new year, a new decade and yet scammers are still up to their old tricks.

I sat down with Daryl Dagit of Savant Capital Management.

He says scammers are using a number of techniques to lure you into their trap.

"Phishing is the major one item to be watching for this year, Individuals are receiving e-mails constantly. They're getting very sophisticated in how they can trick you to click buttons and next thing you know you have your computer infected and or they've stolen your information."

Phishing involves sending you a bogus link from a bank or credit card company.

Re-directing them to a fake website in order to gain private information.

"Kind of a tip, would be hover your mouse over the link, usually there's a blue link to take you somewhere. Hover your mouse over it and it will pop up and tell you what that URL address is so you know exactly where you are going. You can tell if it's really going to the bank or the credit card company or it's going somewhere else."

Updating your password log-ins are also recommended.

Many sites now require a combination of both upper and lower case letters, along with numbers and symbols.

Making your security code that much harder to crack for cyber crooks.

"Make sure you change up your passwords, the longer the password the better, use phrases, if you have a favorite song or poem, just run it together. You can use different characteristics within that to at least change it up. "

Dagit also recommends checking your funds routinely in order to identify any inconsistencies.

"Make sure you're checking your bank accounts regularly, if you're just checking by the statement once a month a lot can happen a lot can happen during that month. We recommend you get in there and check it as often as possible."

Donnie Tillman

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