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One Class at a Time: Brimfield Grade School

one class

We've all had that one teacher in life that makes you want to come to school and learn.
In Brimfield, there's one special teacher who does just that.

Meet Ashley Savage, She is a kindergarten teacher at Brimfield Grade School. She has a unique way of teaching her young students: by bringing playtime back into the classroom. It's how 5 year olds learn best she says.

"You know the old saying everything you learn in kindergarten, well that can't happen without play. They learn to communicate with their friends, They learn to work cooperatively, They learn to take turns, how to share." Savage said.

Savage has some great success with this new play-based curriculum.
But, that's only part of the reason, why fellow teacher pam asbell nominated her for this grant.

"I nominated Mrs Savage because she cares about the kids so much. She puts her heart and soul into teaching these kids, buying things for them, making sure that they're safe, making sure that they are happy. and most importantly making sure that they are learning." Asbell said.

It's Mrs Savages selflessness that makes her deserving of this one thousand dollar grant. She plans to use the money to purchase new hands on play based activities for her classroom.

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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