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Flooding Rains Tonight, Then Ice and Snow Tomorrow

We've told you it's coming, and now it's here.

Heavy rain will be likely overnight and into tomorrow morning. Temperatures will stay warm this evening, but they'll be falling into the 30s by tomorrow morning.

However, we'll still be warm enough that most of our precipitation tonight will fall as rain. Some freezing rain could be possible west of the Illinois River though.

Here's what radar may look like overnight.

Rain will begin to lighten up a little closer to sunrise, but some light rain may still be possible. Some areas may see temps close to freezing tomorrow morning, and those areas may see light freezing rain or freezing drizzle.

High rainfall totals will be likely overnight, which could lead to flooding in spots. We'll also likely see river flooding as we head into next week.

Colder air will continue to move into the area tomorrow, and as a result we'll see a changeover to freezing rain and sleet. By tomorrow afternoon, this wintry mix will change to snow from west to east. Snow will taper off throughout tomorrow evening.

This storm will not be a big snow maker for most of us. Snow totals will be limited to just an inch or two for areas east of the Illinois River, but totals will likely be higher west of the Illinois River.

One of the major issues with this storm is the layer of ice that will likely be underneath any snow. Travel will be hazardous tomorrow, so stay off of the roads unless you need to be out.

This ice will also allow for localized power outages, especially west of the Illinois River were ice accretions will be higher.

Storm impacts will vary depending on your location, but overall expect the highest winter weather impacts west of the Illinois River and highest rain/flooding concerns near and east of the river.

Stick with Storm Team ABC and Heart of Illinois ABC on-air, online, and on social media throughout the duration of this storm for the latest updates and forecast.

Brian Walder

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