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Old films, new dresses

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When you think of a dress, what material comes to mind?

Fiber Art is taking over Peoria and Dana Baldwin is leading the pack.

The elaborate dresses aren't made out of your typical fabric.

Fiber Artist Dana Baldwin left the satin on the floor and picked up old film strips that were given to her.

"These are old educational film strips that date back to the late 60's. If you look at the dresses you can see anything from Abraham Lincoln to the Civil War, to poetry, to sex education. It runs the gambit of everything," said Baldwin.

At first the strips she pulled were random, then she said she found a pattern for each piece.

"That one is called 'Dancing with words'. Within that dress there are a lot of film strips pertaining to the The Trail of Tears, that whole time period in Native American history. I started thinking about the treaties, the treaties that were broken, and the lies. That's what it's called 'Dancing around Words'", said Baldwin.

The gallery on display at the Peoria Art Guild took about two years to finish., and with it came torn hands.

"Some of them were really brittle. The problem I ran into was, the little perforations on the side of the film, so when I would cut them it would form little claws. My hands would get so ripped up and torn up from working with the film strips," explained Baldwin.

Dana Baldwin and the Peoria Art Guild are just examples of how art still plays in Peoria.

"We have such wonderful artist in our city that we can promote and get the word out about them," said Director Shannon Cox.

Cox said this show is just one example of how you will see big city level skills right here in our area.

Alex Menke

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