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Peoria County Democrats hold candidate forum for County Clerk and State’s Attorney races

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Illinois Primary Elections are just under two months away. Thursday night the Peoria County Democrats held a candidate forum for the County Clerk and State's Attorney races.

It's one challenger versus one appointee after the office holders passed away in both cases.

Incumbent State's Attorney Jodi Hoos said she will continue to use her many years of experience as a prosecutor and a judge to bridge the gap between the community, police, and the law.

"That's where I come in is to make sure that the police followed the law and to be an advocate not only for the victim but also for the defendant if there was something that wasn't followed appropriately." said Hoos

Opponent and local attorney Chris McCall wants to help improve transparency and add an advisory committee to address police shootings.

"I've grown up here, I want to giveback to the county that raised me. And I truly believe with our criminal justice reform platform, where we have been the past 30 years does not have to reflect where we are going. " said McCall

They both agree the best way to stop violence is through the young people.

"So we can attack the root of crime. Sometimes the root of crime is a lack of opportunity, sometimes it's parents that need help and so if we can work on that root of crime we can prevent crime overtime." said McCall

"We need to strengthen those relationships with District 150, with other schools in our area and have outreach so we can show these kids that there's something more to life than what they've been exposed to. " said Hoos

Candidates for County Clerk, Incumbent Rachael Parker and opponent Gabe McLeod, said they want to make your trip to their office as smooth and easy as possible.

"To come up with a SOP, there's not a Standard Operating Procedure for every single function of that office and I think that's critical, you never know if something was to happen and all the information would be laid out." said Parker

"I'm making operations more efficient, making our services more accessible and I've been protecting our communities most valuable records and been doing that with a fiscal conservatism approach and I will continue to do that and bring change. " said McLeod

In both of these Peoria County races no Republicans filed to run.

The primary takes place on March 17th

Kaitlin Pearson

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