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Keeping the roads safe – Peoria Snow Fighters battle winter weather

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peoria snow fighters

With this mixed bag or winter weather the crews working to keep the roads clear have a lot to consider.

While it started with snow, Peoria Public Works said there are a number of factors they need to consider to keep your wheels from sliding as we turn to freezing rain.

"There's a lot of variables that we have to look at, it's not just the streets, it's not just the material, but it's everything included that goes with the fact that you're dealing with temps dropping, what the precipitation is, and making sure the materials are available to be accessible for efficiency." said Superintendent of Operations for Peoria Public Works, Sie Maroon

With a low number of snow events, Maroon said their supplies are in great shape, due largely to temperatures rising after each snow fall.

Main roads are always treated and plowed first, then they move into the neighborhoods.

"Once the snow fall stops we move into the residential areas but only when there is two inches or more of snow accumulated on the ground, on the pavement." said Maroon

To keep it fair, they rotate snow routes on an A-B-C cycle so no neighborhood is first or last each time.

As this weekend continues they plan to use salt and brine as the temperatures drop.

"If you're behind a plow truck you're really in a pretty good place because they're going to be getting the road open to where you need to go. But if you're trying to go around them it's dangerous to go to one side or the other so you really need to be cautious and stay back, give that plow the room and the space that it needs and people will certainly get to where they need to go." said Maroon

Maroon said the most helpful thing that everyone can do during this winter weather is to stay patient.

Kaitlin Pearson

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