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Andrew Gillum Speaks at Peoria’s MLK Luncheon

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andrew gillum

Andrew Gillum rose to fame in 2018 during his run for governor of Florida. Gillum was Florida's first ever African American nominee for the office. And that election did bring a jump in voting, with over 2 million more Floridians taking part in that midterm. In his speech to Peoria's MLK luncheon on Monday -- Gillum focused on how to best live out Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy.

Gillum said that from a very young age, Dr. King played a vital role in his life.

"The fact that I was able to serve as Mayor of Florida's capital city, to be able to have access to the ballot box, to be able to get on a public bus and sit anywhere I want to or go into any public accommodation that I choose and have to be served," said Gillum.

He also said one of the ways to continue the reverend's pursuit for equality was to focus on a basic American right.

"Voting, the renewal of the voting rights act, the threat to our democracy that voter intimidation, voter suppression plays and the fact that Dr. King made this such an important part of the civil rights movement," added Gillum.

One of the people in the audience was councilwoman for Peoria's first district, Denise Moore, who has been a part of this event for many years because MLK left a major impact on the river city.

"There are many things that have happened here and all over the country, that it had not been for Dr King stepping up and representing African Americans as folks worthy to receive the same amount of respect and services of anyone else, we don't know where we would be today, said Moore.

Andy Weber

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