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(HOI) -- "Once I saw your commercial, it was like my dad sending me a message. this may help."

Wesley O'Bryant's dad Alan spent years giving back to his country, serving in the U.S. Army before eventually serving his hometown, owning the Dairy Queen store in Lewistown. A fan of car shows and parades, Alan O'Bryant had one request.

"He was born in 1947, so his dream was to have a '47 Chevy truck," Wesley said.

"He looked around and talked to a few people. A gentleman by the name of Jeff Stutes came up. He's a local guy, we know the family so my dad and him talked and he said I would love to have this truck. He said I'll quote you a price and we'll do it," said Wesley.

Stutes is owner and builder at Dream County Customs in Canton.

"We set up our deal between us. The way it was worked out ... all the perks were bought for it, everything that was done on that end was $25,000," Stutes told Troubleshooters via telephone.

The two agreed on this one of a kind dream on wheels.

Nothing in writing, just a handshake.

Unfortunately for the O'Bryant family, Alan never got to see that vehicle roll out of the garage.

"2012 (he) had open heart surgery on a valve in his heart that was bad. That was supposed to prolong his life another 20 years. December 2 of 2013, he just suddenly passed away and I was there for the whole thing. He was in my arms," Wesley said.

The truck has yet to be finished. It is 2020, he, being Mr. Stutes, refuses to answer our phone calls. He will not call us back. We've contacted a lawyer and due to the fact there was no contract, he can just say I'm still working on it."

"(Wesley's) priority was wanting to get it done. But then it's a little bit of wanting ... it done now. And, then, came more of the disrespectful talk to me, and more of a different tone or words. I would even hang up on him. I was not going to be talked to or dealt with that way," Stutes said.

Wesley O'Bryant and Jeff Stutes have not spoken to one another in more than three years.

However both agree they want this bumpy road to finally come to an end.

"I have no problem. If he wants to make arrangements, and we can try and get everything loaded up and have some place to put it, he can have someone paint it and put it together, that's fine," Stutes said.

"Money comes and goes, but dreams they're a once in a lifetime, we just want my dad's dream to finally come true," said Wesley.

Donnie Tillman

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