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Multiple Rounds Of Snow Likely Now Through Saturday

Another winter storm is set to move through the area over the next few days, and this will bring multiple rounds of snow along with periods of a wintry mix.

Snow moves into the area overnight and will continue into tomorrow morning.

Temperatures during the day tomorrow will only climb about 5 degrees from our low near 30, but that will be warm enough that snow could transition to a rain/snow mix.

Our forecast models keeps precipitation tomorrow as snow, but again I think a mix will be possible tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday and Friday night will pretty much be a repeat of tonight and tomorrow. Snow will be likely Thursday night and that will change to a wintry mix during the day on Friday.

If we have any lingering moisture Friday night and Saturday, that will allow for a few additional light snow showers to form.

Here's a quick recap of what we can expect over the next 48 hours. Something to keep in mind is that we'll see multiple rounds of snow, but also expect some melting at times during the day on Thursday and Friday.

As a result, we'll likely see a bigger storm total snow accumulation than what will be on the ground when it stops snowing on Saturday.

This will be a wet snow, which is good for snowball making but tough to shovel.

We'll continue to update you on the latest with this storm as we head throughout the next few days.

Brian Walder

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