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The path forward: ISU celebrates MLK legacy with guest speaker, Angela Rye

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As the week of Martin Luther King Junior's birthday comes to an end, Illinois State University is finishing theirs with a celebration of his life, while holding discussions about how to carry on his legacy.

Political strategist and commentator Angela Rye said while it is easy to look at the Revered Martin Luther King Jr's life as part of history we must acknowledge there is still much to be done.

"The greatest way that we can honor the legacy of Doctor King this week and every week and everyday is to tell the truth about where we are so that we can see a real path forward, but I will not pretend like things are all good because they're not." Angela Rye, the CEO of IMPACT Strategies and political commentator for CNN

With the impeachment trial of President Trump still underway, she said it can be easy to become numb, but it is our duty as Americans to pay attention.

"We can never grow tired of pointing out wrong doing. And so even if that means you don't sit through 12 hours of the impeachment trial because you have a job and kids and got to fix dinner and whatever else. You still have to know all along the way, I'm going to continue to speak out against what I know is wrong. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you're on it is just wrong and that's what I think patriotism is all about. " said Rye

Still, she sees a least one similarity between the President and the Reverend.

"Particularly those among us who romanticize the legacy of Dr. King forgot, his approval rating in this country was worse than Donald Trumps." said Rye

So, her message to those at ISU, realize we have a long way to go.

"That is what is required of this country and if the country won't accept the responsibility we will make them and I think that is the type of action that Dr. King would be proud of."

Kaitlin Pearson

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