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Bloomington drug bust results in 4 arrested on several drug, gun offenses

Four arrested
Bloomington Police Department

BLOOMINGTON (HOI) -- A Bloomington Police SWAT and vice unit raid Monday resulted in the arrest of four men for possession of several drugs and guns.

Police executed the search warrant in the 1300 block of North Hershey Road, where police seized three handguns and one stolen handgun, as well as 146 grams of crack and powdered cocaine, 14 grams of meth, 4 grams of heroin, over 5 pounds of marijuana, an undisclosed amount of cash and other evidence related to drug sale activity, according to a release by the BPD.

The McLean County State's Attorney's Office estimated the street value of the cocaine at $15,000, and the marijuana at about $10,000.

Jerial M. Myrick, 24, of Bloomington was arrested on a number of drug-related charges, including the manufacturing and delivery of over 100 grams of cocaine and the delivery of meth, as well as the possession of a stolen firearm.

Prosecutors said Myrick was released from prison last July after serving a seven year sentence for delivery of cocaine. He has to come up with $150,000 to be released from jail, the highest bond among the four suspects.

The other defendants are:

  • Javares L. Hudson, 19, of Normal on a narcotics charge near a school and park zone.
  • Mark E. Baker, 20, of Bloomington was arrested for the manufacturing and delivery of over 30 grams of marijuana and unlawful use of multiple weapons.
  • Derrick Bailey, 18, of Springfield, was arrested for numerous drug charges, including the manufacturing and delivery of heroin and cocaine, delivery of over 15 grams of meth and possession of a stolen firearm.


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