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Taking care of your pipes

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Freezing temperatures have us thinking about leaving a faucet dripping.

That isn't the only thing you need to do to take care of your pipes during a winter chill.

Whether in your basement or in a crawl space, your pipes are exposed to these cold overnight lows.

Making sure your pipes are going to last through the season is a winter chore a lot of homeowners forget about.

However, the mistake can cost you big bucks.

State Farm estimates they paid Illinois residents over $45 million for damage caused by frozen pipes in 2019.

Keeping your house warm is a good start but might not be enough.

So Trouble Free Heating and Cooling gave us some tips to prevent a pipe burst.

"You have to get that heat to those pipes. That's the most important thing," said David Osborn with Trouble Free.

You can do things like open your cabinet doors or let the warm water trickle from the faucet.

Those are all short-term.

You should also think of long term solutions especially if you have a crawl space.

"Always in a crawl space you need to put foam up on the walls in a crawl space. It's too late to do that tonight. Make sure you at least cut some foam and put something up where the vents are on the outside. Crawl spaces have to be vented. You want them open in the summer but during the winter months you got to close them up. You don't want that air penetrating through the crawl space that's what causes the pipes to freeze," said Osborn.

There are a few types of insulation you can use if you'd like to wrap your pipes including foam tubes or heat tape.

If you do have a pipe burst make sure to turn off the main water valve and call professionals.

Make sure to take the time to know what your pipe conditions are.

Alex Menke

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