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Teachers unions: change or eliminate active shooter drills in schools

TAZEWELL CO. (HOI) -- The two largest teachers unions in the country are calling on schools to revise or eliminate active shooter drills in public schools.

They claim the drills can harm students' mental health. They also maintain that there are better ways to prepare for a possible shooting event.

The unions and with the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office, agree that training should be age appropriate.

"It's kind of like a tornado drill, we've done those forever, and fire drills, and now we do active shooter drills," Dep. John Shallenberger said, "and it's kind of on the same principle; we want to get our students away from any situation."

The Tazewell County Sheriff's Office utilizes ALICE training in Tazewell County schools.

Deputy Shellenberger says students learn about evacuation and how to find a safe site.

Sheridan Swathwood

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