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Peoria’s KISS concert was biggest money maker for Civic Center


PEORIA (HOI) - KISS really did play in Peoria.

The Peoria Civic Center announced the sold out KISS performance on Saturday was the highest grossing concert in the venue's 38-year history.

The Civic Center took in the most money since the Eagles performed at the Civic Center in 2004, according to a news release.

A spokesperson declined to release any dollar figures because the show's promoter would not authorize the provide that information.

“The show was an once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Rik Edgar, the Civic Center's general manager said in a prepared statement.

“Thank you to Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy for bringing their talents to Peoria. The KISS Army showed up in full force for an outstanding show and we are grateful to have been part of this historic final tour,” Edgar also said.

KISS last played at the Peoria Civic Center on May 15, 2000.

Howard Packowitz

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