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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Veteran sleeping on bathroom floor due to construction issues

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Dan Ziegenhorn served in the army for 3 years before leaving on a medical discharge.

"We was demoing World War II buildings. I was running a bulldozer. The building collapsed on me and buried me in the rubble," said Ziegenhorn.

He has PTSD and trouble with crowds, so in 2017 he moved across the street from Patterson Bay in Bath.

His peace was disturbed last March when he had a raccoon infestation.

Once the animals were gone, he reached out to GCS Services Incorporated to get rid of the contamination.

Ziegenhorn said he was referred to the company by an independent adjusters office.

He said the owner of GCS told him it would be an easy job and only take a week or two.

The job was subcontracted to Amos Heating and Cooling.

Some workers were at the home when...

"...He broke through. He fell up to about his waist. His feet was hanging right here. I'm sitting here on the coach and the boards basically on my neck."

Ziegenhorn said insulation crashed through, along with wet feces and urine.

He broke out in a severe rash, had worms, and still has breathing problems today.

"He cleaned himself up then he fell through the closet on the back side over then we moved everything out, breakables and things like that into my other bedroom...then they fell through that ceiling."

He said he tried to get the companies' insurance for his injuries and personal belongings.

"It's just been crazy and not one time have they provided me insurance or told me anywhere to go."

With the way the home is now, Ziegenhorn can't heat it and has relied on a space heater during cold weather.

Most of his things are in a trailer outside and he's sleeping on his bathroom floor.

He said he's contacted his own insurance, Forreston Mutual, but has received no help.

"I know I got a disability or it's hard to understand some things, but you know some things are just a matter of right and wrong. You buy insurance for help and I don't feel like I've got guided in the right directions."

He called Congressman Darin LaHood's office, U.S. Senator Tammy Duckwroth's office and the Illinois Department of Insurance.

"Anybody I could to get some help because it don't make no sense."

A lawsuit has been drafted, but Ziegenhorn hasn't filed yet.

"I've got a complaint from a lawyer that she determined the total amount of damage exceeds $50,000, but I can't seem to get my insurance, his insurance, or anybody's insurance to talk to me and tell me what's going on. I can't get the original damages covered. Basically I feel like I'm just a guy with PTSD that don't know how to do stuff."

Heart of Illinois ABC reached out to Forreston Mutual and was told they cannot release information regarding a client.

We also left messages for GCS Services Incorporated and Amos Heating and Cooling.

We have not heard back.

Jessica Cook

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