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"In November of 2019 I bought a piece of black art work from Johnathon Romaine's Art Gallery, I bought it for my baby sister, she lives out in Virginia."

Annette Williams thought this painting would make the perfect holiday gift for her sister, all she had to do was find a way to get it to her.

"I packaged it up myself and took to UPS to ship it out."

Enclosed and East Coast bound, Williams says she even purchased protection for the painting through UPS.

"He also asked me, did I want some insurance on the picture and I said yes. He even stated the amount, $300 and I said that sounds good."

However upon arrival, Williams' sister would find disappointment.

"She opened it and she called me, I hadn't told her, it was a surprise to her. She called me and told me the picture was damaged. I said oh no I was really distraught at the time."

The frame was dented and nicked, while the painting looks okay. The next step for Williams would be to contact UPS to make a damage claim.

“Well I called the corporate office and they told me that they couldn't do anything about it, that they got denied. They didn't honor the claim, they said I'd have to take it up with the Peoria office.

This despite investing $300 to cover any damage claims. We visited with the store manager at the Peoria UPS Store. He declined to comment on camera, but did tell me the claim remains open. As of today the painting still sits at the UPS store.

Williams says "...give me $300 dollars plus my picture and I'm done, that's what I want."

Troubleshooters also spoke with Artist Jonathon Romain who says the price to replace the frame varies and could exceed $300.

Donnie Tillman

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