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One Class at a Time: Jane Kuban

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Art class is typically one of the first classes on the chopping block when it comes to dwindling school budgets, But one local high school arts teacher is making the best with what she has to support her students.
Meet Jane Kuban, she's an art teacher at richwoods high school. In peoria. For many of her students her class is used as an escape from the pressures of school. They use art to express themselves and kuban encourages an open dialogue.

"Art is a type of therapy for the kids so it helps a lot of them cope. It's a relaxing class, they need to get their work done obviously but they know they can also relax. they can talk about their day as they're working project" Kuban said.

Her role goes beyond just teaching art.. she is a mentor to these kids. She lets them vent about whats going on in their lives. And her students love being able to let loose in her class. Thats especially true for here student Tenise Payton

"It's like that class during my day when I can be myself and have fun and sketch" Payton said.

She even stays after school to help her students succeed. Kuban plans to use the one thousand dollar grant to purchase new glazes for pottery projects. She often pays for supplies with her own money all in an effort to support her students creative process. Thats why she's this week's one class at a time grant winner.

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