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Local Libertarian: Give our Party a chance

The Libertarian Party wants you to know they have 15 candidates running for president this year.

Ahead of next week's primary, the party is having a debate at the East Peoria Embassy Suites Friday night at 8 PM.

Local organizer Steve Suess says the party is focused on a few fronts, including anti-intervention policy, tax reform, civil liberties, and minimizing government involvement.

He's asking voters to give his party a chance.

"People won't give money to a Libertarian candidate or won't vote for a Libertarian candidate because they can't win but at the same time we're not gonna break that cycle of not winning if people don't vote and donate and volunteer for campaigns… I would encourage people to do research and make the decision they feel most comfortable about in the ballot box," shares Suess.

Despite many cancellations from coronavirus concerns, Suess says they still plan to go on with the event.

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